Pushing Boundaries

Familiar sectors
New frontiers

By enabling the delivery of novel regenerative medicine therapies, our technologies are pushing the boundaries of possibility in these healthcare sectors:

Cell Therapy

Octane and Lonza are advancing cell therapy with sophisticated bioreactor technology and cell culture automation. With the Cocoon™ platform, the entire process of cell production occurs in a controlled, dynamic environment to ensure correct cell behaviour. Critical biological parameters, such as cell number, viability and phenotype are closely monitored and controlled to meet demanding release criteria.

Consistent with the growth of biologics and stem cell programs, Octane and Lonza are pursuing targeted applications for clinical adoption of the Cocoon platform. Together, we are actively seeking partners who require innovation to achieve clinical targets for cell therapy, scale-up and market delivery.

Tissue Engineering

We’ve got the expertise and resources to deliver sophisticated technology platforms for automated tissue engineering. Over the last three decades, Octane has established a network of local and international collaborators who are recognized for their work in advanced biomaterials and tissue engineering. Combined with our own team of experts, this adds up to a diverse skill base in the highly specialized fields of biology, biomaterials and bioengineering – all critical to the development of clinical products for regenerative medicine therapies.


Changing demographics – defined increasingly by an aging population – are intensifying demand for orthopedic biomaterials with unconstrained lifetimes. Octane is meeting this demand with bioactive implants engineered to be remodeled by normal cell mechanisms, enabling the implant to be replaced over time by natural tissue. The result, ultimately, is complete healing – as if the injury never happened.

Recognizing that clinical superiority is critical to product success, Octane works closely with physicians at the earliest stages of concept development in regenerative orthopedics. Together, we establish and evaluate design criteria based on patient requirements, surgical practice, regulatory requirements and reimbursement. For our commercial partners, this ensures greater clinical acceptance and market performance.

Medical Artificial Intelligence

The vast quantities of highly specialized data generated by today’s medical science R&D programs present unprecedented opportunities for innovators to drive deeper analysis and learning through Artificial Intelligence. Octane harnesses the power of AI to process and recognize patterns in massive amounts of data to generate game-changing perspectives in bioprocessing.

Nuclear Imaging

Nuclear imaging in the form of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) offers unmatched sensitivity, accuracy and safety for targeted medical applications such as cardiovascular diagnostics, evaluating abnormalities in tissue, and mapping brain and heart function.

With RUBY-FILL, healthcare providers have a powerful tool for identifying changes at the cellular level and detecting the early onset of coronary artery disease with greater accuracy than other imaging tests.