Octane and our global partners are taking regenerative medicine to new levels with innovative platforms for cell, culture, tissue engineering and specialized bioactive implants.

Cocoon™ by Octane Biotech
A Lonza Company

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Production Systems for Cell and Tissue Therapy

Cocoon technology is game changing: driving the clinical adoption of advanced systems that automate the production of therapy-specific cell suspensions for cell therapy and cell-based implants for tissue engineering.

 Responding to our partners’ growing demand for complete turnkey systems, we invented Cocoon, our patient-scale cell therapy system that forms the core of a series of versatile cell and tissue therapy production systems. Coupled with our advanced bioreactors and innovative cell scaffolds, this cell culture and tissue engineering platform opens up an array of clinical applications.

With the Cocoon as its core, our turnkey production solution can be configured as a compact but powerful system with a small footprint, or as a significantly larger system for ultra-efficient, enterprise-level deployment.

Octane is proud to partner with Lonza Group to
commercialize Cocoon™ autologous technology.

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Automated Bioreactors for Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering

The technology innovations pioneered by Octane Biotech extend across many aspects of biology, engineering and software. Using a proprietary multi-stage approach, we employ specialized interlinked bioreactors that provide precise control at every stage. From cell source isolation and cell expansion through to cell collection, cell washing and final implant formation, we selectively combine key processes to meet the unique challenges of different autologous and allogeneic clinical applications of cell and tissue therapy.

Embedded sensors provide real-time biofeedback and enable automatic adjustment in bioprocessing to accommodate natural variations in cell source behaviour. The entire bioprocess is contained within a disposable cassette to ensure maximum patient and operator safety and to streamline logistics.

Our automated bioreactors feature three main components: a cell and tissue culture cassette that mounts to the Cocoon Core, located inside the Cocoon.

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Bioactive Implants for Accelerated Healing

We took our deep knowledge of biomaterials and cell-substrate interactions and applied it to clinical implants. Our goal: next-generation implants that accelerate healing, restore natural function and provide positive long-term outcomes, literally transforming patients’ lives.

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Atomically Enhanced Implants

Octane Orthobiologics is breaking new ground with bioactive implants – dynamic interfaces where multiple cell types interact through cell signaling pathways. Our biomaterial technology, which involves patented processing at the atomic level, produces a bioactive response that allows progressive replacement of the implant by newly formed natural tissue, with no impact on biological performance or structural stability at the implant site. Using bioactive implants for orthopedic repair, for example, promotes better healing than inert metallic or polymer implants, which have limited service life and may need to be surgically replaced later in life.

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Drug-Enhanced Implants

The last decade in trauma repair and disease management has seen a dramatic increase in the use of drug-device hybrids. In the orthopedic arena, these implants combine biomaterials and healing accelerants such as recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides. Octane has extensive development experience in this field involving a combination of in vitro and in vivo evaluations that highlight the role of chemical composition, structural morphology and concurrent growth factor delivery.

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Cell-Enhanced Implants

Incorporating active cells into an implant scaffold promotes targeted new tissue formation, which is critical for repairing tissue damage or disease. Octane is leading the way in cell-enhanced implants with multiple tissue types and stem cells capable of controlled differentiation within our specialized bioreactor environments.

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Innovative Solutions with Wide

Range of Clinical Applications