Our Promise to You

Game-changing solutions

for extraordinary competitive advantage

We’re on an exciting mission: to invent, develop and manufacture game-changing solutions that give you extraordinary competitive advantage. We’re a young regenerative medicine company with a long history of innovation. Octane started operations in 2007 but our team has spent the last three decades developing class-leading technology in biomaterials and bioprocesses.

Boundless Possibilities

Our technologies

launched here

We aimed high from the start. Our legacy began with technology platforms that were developed and applied to study fundamentals in biology within the unique microgravity environment of the Space Shuttle.

Today, we offer advanced, market-ready technologies that build on our strong history of breakthrough insights into the linkages between biology, biomaterials and bioreactors. Working with our customers – primarily regenerative medicine companies such as cell therapy and medical device manufacturers – we commercialize and manufacture regenerative medicine products that accelerate healing and restore quality of life.


Just Like You

Progress happens quickly at Octane, thanks to an experienced and proactive management team that is nimble, fast and driven by a commitment to innovation and high quality.

Careers with Octane


Want to be part of a driving vision to transform healthcare through cutting-edge regenerative medicine? If you’re a forward-thinking team player in search of a forward-thinking team, Octane may be just the place for you.

Email your résumé to: careers@octaneco.com