We are Octane,

a medical technology company

with the most advanced bioreactors,

bioprocesses and biomaterials for

regenerative medicine.

From enhanced implants to cutting-edge cell therapy automation, Octane delivers breakthrough solutions for medical device and cell therapy companies. Building on our early work in advanced biomaterials, including our invention of the Skelite bone graft product line, we propelled our technologies to the next level with our Cocoon™ cell culture and tissue engineering systems, which produce living implants for next generation clinical treatments.

You Are a Game Changer – So Are We

With our game-changing bioengineering technologies and processes, we’re transforming the delivery of regenerative medicine solutions and creating market-leading business opportunities for our global network of commercial partners.

Octane is proud to partner with Lonza Group to
further develop Cocoon™ autologous technology.

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Our Partners

We’re pioneering new frontiers of regenerative medicine together with our partners: world-leading cell therapy and medical device companies such as Lonza Group and Aesculap Implant Systems. With comprehensive product customization and support from the Octane team, these renowned organizations use our game-changing regenerative medicine technologies and processes to bring innovative therapies into international markets.


Our Solutions

Seeing and Solving Challenges

at Every Level

With three decades of experience in developing regenerative medicine technologies, we have the multidisciplinary expertise, resources and innovative drive to address your challenges at every level.

Our regenerative medicine solutions are built on leading-edge proprietary science and supported by comprehensive development and production services that take you from concept through development to commercialization.

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